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XOArch is the newly formed face of great design in the BCS area.

We are a design-build firm focused on small residential projects which pair exceptional design sensibilities with equally strong construction science principles and in-house expertise to cut down on confusion and overhead. 

Our lead designer recently received his Master's degree in architecture and is pursuing licensure in Texas to tackle larger projects

We are driven by a deep desire to create designs that have a strong personality and yet speak to their context.

We believe that great design shouldn't compromise on any front: Beauty, efficiency, durability, or cost.  We spend considerable effort to try and foresee problems that could arise so that we can solve them where it's cheap, on paper.

Quality is never an easy objective, but we remind ourselves that perfection is a worthy madness.


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Will Palmer

BCS native, and graduate of Texas A&M, Will Palmer has been practicing design and creating beautiful buildings for over 10 years. 

He has experience in such diverse fields as robotics, real estate development, furniture design, and architecture.

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