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Mindful at glennwood park

This was a proposal to develop a park site in a poor area of Dallas to include a mental health facility, a supporting office which would see individual patients, and a shopping area to serve the local community.  Our team designed a parking podium that would raise all three of the buildings up one story and create a more private area for contemplative walking through a therapeutic herb garden.

The building is roughly divided into three main areas, an outside public ring or engawa that is intended to be filled with low laying, soft, comfortable furniture that serves as a communal waiting room for the next layer, the offices.  The vertical interstitial spaces between each office also act as large flat plenums bringing in fresh, conditioned air. The middle ring opens out to the outside taking advantage of the views through the engawa out onto the park and into the middle layer, the open office.  Each floor has a central open office which would hold general office supplies, a break area, and the passive building core that also brings daylight right into the core of the building.  Besides bringing in light during the day, the translucent core also shares light between floors making the building feel like a huge Japanese lantern at night.

11   /   06   /   2023

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